Artifacts from the Gwen Stefani Grand Burial Exhibition.

These mixed media works are part of the "Museum of Historical Makeovers" series and represent the burial artifacts from pop singer Gwen Stefani’s fictive Egyptian-style, mortuary temple. The faux artifacts play upon ideas of the deification of celebrities. The works are typically displayed in the context of a simulated museum environment, with museum labels that explain how Gwen Stefani was the ruler of the Pop Empire during a period known as the “Tragic Kingdom.”

Burial artifacts include canopic jars (ceramic), burial coasters(sand-blasted alabaster) for her ethereal beverages in the afterlife, and a commemorative stone tablet (mixed media), which illustrates how the back-up dancer Angel joined the other Harajuku Girls in Stefani’s entourage.

The “Tomb Room" appears as a 18ft x 30ft installation containing artifacts from the Gwen Stefani Mortuary Temple. Viewers can look through a peephole and witness the important Stefani G-4 sarcophagus as well as her “G-staff” used during formal ceremonies.

Kathy Aoki created a four-minute animated fake trailer for the Gwen Stefani Grand Burial Exhibition television special.