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Solo Show: An immersive antidote to Jeff Koons

Perhaps you recently learned that pop-kitsch artist Jeff Koons’ sent his sculptures to the moon (thanks to Elon Musk) to create NFTs?  If this news brought on a whole new level of disappointment with the art world, please visit my solo exhibition for a cathartic experience. Current review on!

Koons Ruins: Discovery Zone
West Valley College Art Gallery
14000 Fruitvale Ave, Saratoga, CA
Closes April 4, 2024

Details and Directions here!

Koons Ruins: Discovery Zone by Kathy Aoki, installed at West Valley College 2024

Kathy Aoki, Koons Ruins:Discovery Zone installation, West Valley College 2024

woman in tub interactive panel

Kathy Aoki, Woman in Tub – Rate Your Indignation Panel, 14 x 14 x 2 in, 2024

Recorded mini-performance/artist talk
Recorded mini-performance/artist talk

two pictures of Kathy Aoki, in the studio at Recology SF and in character as curator of the Museum of Historical Makeovers

Kathy Aoki, discusses her practice and current/upcoming projects. 30 minutes.


Recorded Lunchtime Artist Talk

Check out this mini-performance/artist talk to learn about my practice including 1)performance secrets, 2)my artist book in the current group show A Radical Alteration,and 3)what I’m working on right now (a solo show!). Hosted by SFCB.



Sacramento Solo Show!
Sacramento Solo Show!

Solo Show!

Kathy Aoki
b sakata garo
Sacramento, California

August 3 – September 2, 2023

Featuring new work from my Koons Ruins and Disgraced Patriarchal Monuments series, plus excerpts from the Museum of Historical Makeovers.

Want to meet me at b sakata garo gallery? Contact me through IG or kaoki (the “at” symbol) to meet me in person at the gallery.

b. sakata garo
923 Twentieth Street
Sacramento, California
Gallery Hours:
Tues. through Sat.
noon to 5 p.m.

Coming up August 26!

Humorous Performance Walk Through by Kathy Aoki, in character as curator of the Museum of Historical Makeovers.
Saturday, August 26:
4pm – Meet the artist
5pm – 5:30pm performance.

Kathy at a worktable at Kala
Installation view of b sakata garo
installation view of b sakata garo
Sacramento Solo Show!
Feature in Content Magazine 14.4

I was honored to be featured in Content Magazine’s Issue 14.4 “Profiles” this fall. The text, written by David Valdespino, Jr., is the most accurate description of my art practice I have ever encountered. Ronnie Patania‘s photos complement the article showing me at work in the printmaking studio at Santa Clara University. Full article:

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Kathy Aoki’s satirical work lives within the cracked veneer of modern society, driven by concept and executed by any medium necessary. The humor on the surface of her pieces attracts viewers like moths to a flame but quickly gives way to profound introspection.  ~David Valdespino, Jr.