Koons Ruins: Diorama, Prints, Paintings, Sculpture, Digital (2011 – present)
Recent Koons Ruins show…

Koons Ruins: Discovery Zone (solo show) was displayed at West Valley College‘s new art gallery in Saratoga, California  20 February – 4 April, 2024.

Show overview and documentation here.

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About Koons Ruins:

Jeff Koons is known for being an exorbitantly paid artist who delivers kitschy, self-serving work that many arts professionals revile. But does his art deserve to be destroyed? According to my tongue-in-cheek project, the answer is definitely “Yes!”

This fictional narrative series depicts Jeff Koons’ work buried and subjected to accelerated degradation on the estate of a female art collector whose abhorrence of his kitschy pop art leads her to take destructive action. The work premiered with a solo show, entitled Koons Ruins at the James Estate, presented at the New Museum Los Gatos in summer/fall 2022. Designed as an ersatz visitors center, this conceptual installation featured prints, paintings, small sculpture, and a peephole diorama. An enhanced installation was on display at b sakata garo gallery in Sacramento in summer 2023. Click here for a 3-d walkthough of that exhibition.

Currently, the work is on display through April 4, 2024 at West Valley College in Saratoga. Full details here.

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