Koons Ruins: Diorama, Prints, Paintings, Sculpture, Digital (2011 – present)
Koons Ruins (2022 – present)

Imagine an art collector whose hatred for Jeff Koons’ art leads her to take destructive action…
She acquires Koons’ works, sequesters them on her estate, and subjects them to accelerated degradation. When she dies, her estate opens to the public as “Koons Ruins.”

This narrative, conceptual series reveals the history of Koons Ruins, integrating fiction and art history through a feminist lens. Past installations took on the form of ersatz visitors centers with prints, oil paintings, sculpture, interactive learning panels, a peephole diorama, and even a gift shop.

 SquareCylinder.com review of Koons Ruins:Discovery Zone (solo show, 2024) 

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