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Animations in multi-disciplinary “Water Project” performance
Animations in multi-disciplinary “Water Project” performance

My vector-based animations are featured in The Water Project, a multidisciplinary, dynamic investigation of water’s power, beauty, distribution, and commodification in a 50-minute program. Watch the full program here:

This collaborative performance project addresses the topic of “water” through original choral music, dance, acting, projections, and animation. David Popalisky (Dance, project lead), Kathy Aoki (Motion Graphics/Animation), Scot Hanna-Weir (Choral Music), Derek Duarte (Lighting/Projection), Barbara Murray (Costume Design), Jerald Enos (Set Design), Jeff Bracco (Playwriting/Directing), Iris Stewart-Frey (Environmental Science – consulting faculty: water cycle and supply), Ed Maurer (Civil Engineering – consulting faculty: water resources)

Aoki Artwork on display at deYoung Museum

I was pleased to present artwork at the deYoung Museum in San Francisco as part of the deYoung Open (October 10 – Jan 31, 2021 and online). My pieces Mansplaining and Patria, Potestas, Perpetua (Latin for “Unending Patriarchy) were two of 877 works selected from a pool of 11,514 pieces. The jurying panel included artists Mildred Howard, Hung Liu, and Enrique Chagoya, as well as four Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco curators-in-charge.

At right: Kathy Aoki’s Mansplaining and Patria, Potestas, Perpetua at the de Young.

"Patria Potestas Perpetua" and "Mansplaining" at the deYoung Open
Montage of Kathy Aoki working

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