Aoki Archive

Gwen Stefani Grand Burial Exhibition (2009 – 2016)

These mixed media works are part of the “Museum of Historical Makeovers” series and represent the burial artifacts from pop singer Gwen Stefani’s fictive Egyptian-style, mortuary temple. The faux artifacts play upon ideas of the deification of celebrities. The works are typically displayed in the context of a simulated museum environment, with museum labels that explain how Gwen Stefani was the ruler of the Pop Empire during a period known as the “Tragic Kingdom…”


Burial artifacts include canopic jars (ceramic), burial coasters(sand-blasted alabaster) for her ethereal beverages in the afterlife, and a commemorative stone tablet (mixed media), which illustrates how the back-up dancer Angel joined the other Harajuku Girls in Stefani’s entourage.

The “Tomb Room” was a peephole installation that appeared as a 18ft x 30ft installation containing artifacts from the Gwen Stefani Mortuary Temple. Viewers can look through a peephole and witness the important Stefani G-4 sarcophagus as well as her “G-staff” used during formal ceremonies.

I created a four-minute, stop-motion fake trailer for the Gwen Stefani Grand Burial Exhibition television special, commissioned for the Stop & Go Rides Again Animation festival.